Ideology & Human Development

This is quite possibly one of the best articles on the economic development of Cuba. I’ll have a quick piece of my own up soon, but the myth that Castro’s model is vindicated by Cuba’s advancements over 5 decades needs some cold water dumped onto it.


How real are Cuba’s accomplishments in health and education since the revolution? How do they compare with the situation prior to the revolution? Was the Soviet Union’s subsidy to Cuba crucial to its human development? Did the US hostility to the Cuban Revolution have an impact?

{ Edit-Addendum 26 Nov. 2016: This blogpost was written 2.5 years ago as a rejoinder to a debate I had with commenter Matt about human development in Kerala, China, South Korea, Cuba, West Bengal, the Dominican Republic, etc. So it may make references not immediately obvious from the context. See Debate with Matt. It mostly addresses life expectancy, infant mortality, and education from the perspectives of politics and economics. }

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