New Writing Over at Human Events

Human Events is back. After a brief hiatus, the magazine has returned in the last month. Furthermore they have been kind enough to feature my writing, specifically on foreign affairs. (Full disclosure, one of the publishers is a friend)

Currently I have two pieces up, one on NATO and the other on the Venezuelan crisis.

No War for VenezuelaHuman Events

Venezuela is in the middle of an immense crisis that has the potential to envelop the entire region. The state is in the hands of a functional narco-terrorist clique, the economy is in complete free-fall and everyday Venezuelans are in complete misery. The United States has clear interests as the superpower of the region. We need a stable and lawful Venezuela that does not invite interference from outside the hemisphere. But we also can’t afford bombastic threats that shed more heat than light.

The administration needs to tread carefully and trust its wiser advisers.

Trump is Right to Avoid NATO ExpansionHuman Events

American foreign policy has been drifting and often counterproductive since the end of the Cold War. While President Trump found candidate Trump’s policies to be either be untenable or undesirable, his instincts are closer to the mark than many give him credit for. This year, in honor of the 70th anniversary of NATO, the president needs to trust his instinct and commit the United States to a refusal to expand the alliance.


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