Now Let Us Praise Tragic Men: Maximiliano of México

Mexican history is inevitably one of lost opportunities and ruined possibilities. While Maximilano was a flawed man, I can’t help but think maybe it was lost juncture for Mexico, possibly a more peaceful and just one.… Read More Now Let Us Praise Tragic Men: Maximiliano of México

Trump’s “Muslim Ban” & Iran

(Photo credit: MCW News) President Trump (truly one of the strangest phrases in English after “Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California…”) today followed through on a simulacrum of his promised ban on Muslims. The executive order prohibits the entry of individuals from Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria and Iran. (Updated: a judge has recently… Read More Trump’s “Muslim Ban” & Iran

Quick Update on the Irish Post

Not to barrage you on a topic many may find boring, but one quick bit slipped my mind when cataloging unionism’s totally blatant hypocrisy on paramilitary activity. The latest hilarity is the antics of First Minister for Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson of the Democratic Unionist Party; The Belfast Telegraph elucidates; Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter… Read More Quick Update on the Irish Post