Random Thoughts on Christian Nationalism

Yesterday I wrote about a big blow up in the “Christian nationalism” discourse. Thankfully that has ended with the truth coming out. But searching for “Christian nationalism” on the Google Books Ngram viewer had me thinking of how this term has been used before the current moment. Specifically I was interested in the spikes before… Read More Random Thoughts on Christian Nationalism

The Thomas Achord Affair: Race & Credulity

Update: After repeated denials and counter-accusations, Thomas Achord has admitted earlier today that he in fact is the owner of the @TuliusAadland account on Twitter who tweeted some truly terrible things. While elements of his admission and apology feel a bit self serving I can only hope this turn towards honesty continues and brings repentance… Read More The Thomas Achord Affair: Race & Credulity

How My Mind Was Changed: Thoughts On the 2020 Election

If you clicked on my somewhat purposefully deceptive title in the hopes that I will be voting for your candidate, you will be disappointed. Neither candidate seems fit for power, but I do want to quickly outline how my views have changed on politics since the last election, specifically on ideology and on the necessity… Read More How My Mind Was Changed: Thoughts On the 2020 Election