Ideology & Human Development

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How real are Cuba’s accomplishments in health and education since the revolution? How do they compare with the situation prior to the revolution? Was the Soviet Union’s subsidy to Cuba crucial to its human development? Did the US hostility to the Cuban Revolution have an impact? { Edit-Addendum 26 Nov. 2016: This…

Review of The VVitch: Lessons from a Christian Folk Tale

Also hosted ever graciously by The North American Anglican. I’m not one for horror movies. I like my sleep and simply don’t have the constitution to watch hours of spooks, jumps and gore. But after a great episode of Virtue in the Wasteland and several recommendations from various friends, I figured I’d give The Witch… Read More Review of The VVitch: Lessons from a Christian Folk Tale

On Death

Nunc lento sonitu dicunt, morieris. Now this bell softly tolling for another, says to me, Thou must die. John Donne In our modern age it seems we are obsessed with avoiding death. We don’t say someone died. They passed on. We don’t have funerals. We have memorial services, or life celebrations. To me this seems… Read More On Death