Writing Update

(James Fetherolf, Desert Scene, oil on canvas) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmastide and a terrific Sunday. My contributions have decreased somewhat since I’ve increased my load over at The Hipster Conservative. Additionally, I’ve taken to writing western fiction. Fiction is something I am not used to writing so finding the right voice for it… Read More Writing Update

On Blasting Cigs

New piece up over at The Hipster Conservative. A modest proposal: let the lads smoke their cigs. I would like to venture a modest, if only slightly ironic, defense of tobacco use. I think a reasonable vindication can be made on three grounds (note to Big Tobacco: we have yet to receive your payoff. Please deliver… Read More On Blasting Cigs

On the Rohingya Crisis, Or “Contra The Federalist”

Like Sumantra Maitra, I too have decided to become the Internet’s worst person. See how you like it. The Chechens are a tough people. Persecuted by various empires, historically stateless and mistreated, they remain in their homeland. For the uninitiated the Chechens are a Muslim people from the North Caucasian region of Eastern Europe. They… Read More On the Rohingya Crisis, Or “Contra The Federalist”