Tankers, War & Black Flags

I have a new piece over at Human Events regarding the new tanker war in the Gulf of Oman. The essay advises caution: Currently, the evidence seems to point to Iranian culpability. The incident on Thursday was preceded by earlier attacks on shipping last month. Nonetheless, the president must be prudent. Caution and clearheaded thinking, not… Read More Tankers, War & Black Flags

Writing Update

(James Fetherolf, Desert Scene, oil on canvas) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmastide and a terrific Sunday. My contributions have decreased somewhat since I’ve increased my load over at The Hipster Conservative. Additionally, I’ve taken to writing western fiction. Fiction is something I am not used to writing so finding the right voice for it… Read More Writing Update

On Blasting Cigs

New piece up over at The Hipster Conservative. A modest proposal: let the lads smoke their cigs. I would like to venture a modest, if only slightly ironic, defense of tobacco use. I think a reasonable vindication can be made on three grounds (note to Big Tobacco: we have yet to receive your payoff. Please deliver… Read More On Blasting Cigs