And now for something completely different…

While I’ve written elsewhere, this is my first attempt at an actual blog per se. Writings will be done mainly for my own vanity, though if anyone else is edified in any way, that’s fantastic. Interests are including but not limited to;

  • Christianity (Anglicanism, the Church Fathers, the Reformation, Catholic  social teaching & Reformed civil theology)
  • Security (counterinsurgency, the Near East, maritime security)
  • American politics
  • Immigration; both as a social phenomenon & the economics thereof
  • Conservatism (libertarianism, paleoconservatism & One Nation Toryism)
  • Fishing
  • Literature (reading a lot of Gothic literature as of now; Poe, Lovecraft, etc…)
  • A rich inner life

Or…whatever else comes to mind.

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