Favorite Irish writers and books.

I don’t have any essays lined up soon so keeping in tradition with the day I figured I would list out some of my favorite Irish writers and books. So without further ado; Favorite Irish/Irish-American writers Thomas Kinsella Seamus Heaney (his translation of Beowulf is my favorite. Here is Part I of Heaney reading it aloud) Jonathan… Read More Favorite Irish writers and books.

On the Rohingya Crisis, Or “Contra The Federalist”

Like Sumantra Maitra, I too have decided to become the Internet’s worst person. See how you like it. The Chechens are a tough people. Persecuted by various empires, historically stateless and mistreated, they remain in their homeland. For the uninitiated the Chechens are a Muslim people from the North Caucasian region of Eastern Europe. They… Read More On the Rohingya Crisis, Or “Contra The Federalist”